In its ambition to be a Smart Nation, Singapore will depend on the innovation developed in the country as well as the entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving skills of its people.

To provide a platform for this, GovTech is tasked with building the foundational layer for the Smart Nation.

In doing so, we seek to build capabilities in new technologies that will be important to a Smart Nation in the years ahead.

We are also on the lookout for talents in the infocomm technology sector who can provide the spark to create a connected future.

We will be developing a Centre of Excellence in Information and Communications Technology and Smart Systems within the Government (CentEx for ICT & SS). The CentEx for ICT & SS will comprise of five capability centres namely:

  1. Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
  2. Application Design, Development & Deployment
  3. ICT Infrastructure
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Sensors & IOT

These Capability Centres will house multidisciplinary teams of data scientists, analysts, software developers and engineers, who are experts in their respective domains.

The Capability Centres will play a few key roles in the Government’s digital transformation. Firstly, they will build an in-house reserve of deep technical skills to implement innovative projects across the Government. For instance, the Sensors & IoT capability centre has a deep understanding of system architectures and are experts at deploying IoT systems. They are thus able to help design and architect end-to-end infrastructure solutions as part of the Smart Nation Sensor Platform.

The Capability Centres will also assist in raising the capabilities of CentEx for ICT & SS practitioners across the Government. For example, the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence capability centre possesses a keen understanding of the specific data needs Government agencies require. It designs curriculums and partners with training providers to help public officers learn data visualisation tools and machine learning techniques. These officers can in turn leverage such skills to help their teams more effectively analyse their data for better policy outcomes.

Lastly, the CentEx for ICT & SS will also provide other Government agencies with advice on their technology solutions and co-create solutions with these agencies. The Application Design, Development & Deployment capability centre has collaborated with the Municipal Services Office to build OneService, a mobile app which makes it more convenient for the public to give their feedback on municipal issues in Singapore. The capability centre played a key role in the design, development and deployment of the OneService App, creating an intuitive and seamless product that streamlines the feedback reporting process.

The CentEx for ICT and SS will continue to grow and evolve more Capability Centres as its expertise in other technologies mature.