In its ambition to be a Smart Nation, Singapore will depend on the innovation developed in the country as well as the entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving skills of its people.

To provide a platform for this, GovTech is tasked with building the foundational layer for the Smart Nation.

In doing so, we seek to build capabilities in new technologies that will be important to a Smart Nation in the years ahead.

We are also on the lookout for talents in the infocomm technology sector who can provide the spark to create a connected future.

GovTech is focused on building six Centres of Excellence (CentEx)

  • Application Development (Software Design & Development, and Solution Architecting)
  • Cybersecurity (jointly with Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore)
  • Data Science
  • Government ICT Infrastructure
  • Geospatial Technology (jointly with Singapore Land Authority)
  • Sensors & IoT

Application development and cybersecurity will go hand in hand, because a Smart Nation empowered by apps has to be a safe one for users too.

Their data has to be secure, even as they access digital government services conveniently.

We also develop expertise in data science to unlock insights from increasing amounts of data, as well as strengthen government ICT infrastructure capabilities to effectively deliver digital services to citizens.

At the same time, geospatial technology and sensors & IoT will play a vital role in connecting the dots in the real world, thus enabling more services to be deployed in future.