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To maintain relevance in the face of change, the IDA initiated a re-visioning exercise of Infocomm 21 to fine-tune the plan and to take cognizance of the need for Singapore to develop new sources of growth. Connected Singapore aimed to bring Singapore's infocomm development to new heights, including more pervasive connectivity among the people and businesses through infocomm technology, and revitalising the infocomm industry.

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Infocomm 21 Reports

Infocomm 21 Reports

Prior to the Connected Singapore Vision, IDA formulated the Infocomm 21 report. Infocomm 21 was a five-year strategic plan launched in the year 2000. The plan aimed to harness infocomm technologies to boost national competitiveness and improve Singaporeans' quality of life. Its vision was to develop Singapore into a vibrant and dynamic global infocomm capital with a thriving and prosperous e-economy and a pervasive and infocomm-savvy e-society.

Infocomm 21 Report (2000)
Infocomm 21 Status Update Report (2002)