Can the government anticipate my needs and preferences the same way Google and Amazon can? That’s what our citizens expect. And that’s what GovTech aims to deliver.

The Government Digital Services (GDS) group in GovTech raises the bar by going beyond reliable and functional government digital services. We use technology and data to deliver a great digital experience, creating a more connected society.

Innovate and Build

Our cross-functional team of product development, data science, user experience and geo-spatial technology specialists work with government agencies to build contextualised, personal services, supported by data and delivered in an agile, consistent and reliable way.

By sharing our expertise through networking sessions and building shared platforms, such as Enterprise Data Hub and APEX API gateway, we enable other government agencies to innovate and build their own digital services quickly and easily.

A ‘whole-of-government’ approach to authentication helps us create the most natural channels for citizens and businesses to use. Building on SingPass, CorpPass and MyInfo, we’re working on Citizen360 – where all the information and services you need are in one place.

Connecting People Digitally

Our projects are wide and varied but community and connectedness are important themes that run through them all. 

MyResponder and CareBuddy are what we call digital kampungs – bringing like-minded people together and connecting volunteers to those in need. Beeline makes a different type of connection, taking people where they need to go conveniently. Business Grants Portal brings grants together, so it’s easier for businesses to get support. Singstat and turn government data into useful stories that everyone can access. 

Most importantly, as more services go digital, with Citizen Connect Centres, we make sure no one is left behind.


Our Subsidiaries