Data is changing the way people perceive the world.

Instead of relying on intuition, new insights from data collected today are enabling citizens and businesses to make decisions that are more accurate and impactful.

If you are a businessman looking to open a shop in a housing estate, do you know how big your market is or who your customers are?

Besides surveying the area physically, you can find out from readily available data of the township to discover the demographic of your target customers.

If you believe a traffic junction near your place needs to be improved, you may one day look to data on the traffic situation and suggest to the authorities to redesign the road system.

Backed up by the statistics, your input would provide much needed feedback for planners.

Here’s how data can help you in your daily life.

If you are concerned about the Zika outbreak and are looking to check if your estate has been identified as a Zika hotspot vis-à-vis other estates, and the number of cases that have been confirmed in real time, you may look to our dengue and Zika heat map for useful information.

As a commuter, you might need alternative transport options, especially during peak hours; use the taxi heatmap on which shows where all of Singapore’s taxis are located in real time.

Going to the public gym? To avoid the crowds at peak hours, check the ActiveSG gym tracker that tells you when the best times to visit the gym are.

Property hunters looking for a resale flat: If you need a comparison of property prices, you can look to the property hotspot chart to better aid in your decision making.

Data will continue to make an impact in our daily lives, and provide useful interpretations for all of us, citizens and businesses alike, to derive insights that will empower us to make better decisions.


In an inter-connected world where data is open and available to all, citizens and businesses can do a lot to shape how Singapore develops into a Smart Nation.

Indeed, it is through your engagement and co-creation that a Smart Nation becomes truly smart.

Today, there are several resources to get involved in a digital Singapore.

By discovering new insights, sharing feedback and developing apps, many ground-up efforts of users are already shaping Singapore for the future.

Got an idea or a suggestion?

Get started at the eCitizen ideas! portal, where you can find ongoing campaigns to seek public feedback.

Send in your ideas to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) for pop-up projects to enliven public spaces.

Or take the National Data Viz Video Challenge, which seeks new ways of showing the open data available in a visually appealing and useful manner.

For businesses, the National Trade Platform will enable them to digitally exchange and re-use data with business partners and the Government.

Replacing the TradeNet and TradeXchange systems, it lets businesses reduce manual trade document exchange. Plus, analytics will let them see how well they have been performing, for example.

Tech Kaki

At GovTech, we embrace this “outside-in” approach.

Only when we have taken in the views and preferences of citizens and stakeholders can a digital service be considered user-centric.

This, we believe, is the way to develop high-quality digital services that matter.

This is also why we are asking people to be our Tech Kaki.

By joining the community, you get to try out our new tech products and services before they are available.

Too many government apps today?

That’s alright, we will evaluate the landscape of apps as we move towards addressing the various Moments of Life for citizens.

As a user, your insights are valuable in creating digital offerings that are useful to citizens.