Technology is changing how citizens and businesses interact with the Government, and how Government engages citizens and businesses.

Key to this is taking a more “outside-in” approach to how we design, develop and deliver digital services. Increasing our focus on user experience is transforming the online experience for citizens.

During GovTech’s formation in 2016, we undertook some important strategic shifts to drive digital transformation in the Government.

We are much more intentional about the entire life cycle of a product, from initiating more proactive user research to ensure solutions are anchored in real user needs, to designing for on-going sustainability by setting up operational teams to deliver continuous product improvements. Products are no longer conceptualised internally nor simply handed over on delivery to an agency.  

Second, we are driving continuous citizen engagement throughout the product life cycle. Through iterative design and prototyping, immersive user testing in our UX Labs, and building up a community of Tech Kakis to gather more diverse views to early concepts and ideas, we are co-creating solutions with citizens, rather than thinking we have all the answers.

Ultimately, this enables GovTech to deliver even more easy-to-use, accessible and secure digital government services that improve lives for citizens and businesses.

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