With effect from 1 May 2017, GovTech becomes the implementing agency of the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO), under the Prime Minister's Office (PMO). Collectively, GovTech and the SNDGO form the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG).

GovTech will continue to build Smart Nation infrastructure, platforms and services by deploying info communications and related engineering technology such as sensors and the Internet of Things.

One of these platforms is a nationwide sensor network — the Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP) — which GovTech is working on, in collaboration with public agencies and the industry.

SNSP — which comprises common infrastructure and services such as a data sharing gateway, video and data analytics capabilities — will enable the public sector to pull together data from multiple sensors into insights to help public agencies in the efficient running of the country (including) maintenance, urban planning and incident response.

As part of the SNSP, GovTech will also trial a low bandwidth wireless sensor network using the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) smart lighting system. If the trial is proven viable, the nationwide sensor network can be used for collecting and aggregating different types of data - mainly environmental data from temperature to humidity – via LTA’s smart lighting infrastructure. These smart, interconnected lampposts can also potentially be used to facilitate the co-creation of smart applications by public and private sectors.

Drawing on the enterprise of the private sector, as well as the ground-breaking efforts at institutes of higher learning (IHLs), the government is mustering the full resources available to build Singapore into a Smart Nation. For example, GovTech will be partnering NUS to train 10,000 public officers in data science over five years to deepen the technological capabilities of public sector agencies.

One key area involves the digital services deployed by the government to connect to citizens in their everyday lives and to interact with businesses. From healthcare to security, digital government transformation is providing the momentum for the development of the Smart Nation.

Our digital services are already making a difference today:

  • The HealthHub app now allows citizens to check their lab test results on a smartphone.
  • The SG Secure app, meanwhile, enables citizens to send videos, photos and messages to authorities in the event of an emergency, for example, to foil a suspected terrorist attack.
  • In the energy field, smart meters running on the Smart Nation Sensor Platform operating system set up by GovTech is enabling readings to be read remotely and accurately.
  • In transport, GovTech has partnered ride-sharing company Grab to deploy an app that lets commuters’ pre-book rides on private buses, providing one more option to reach the office on time during the dreaded morning rush hour

The good news: More services are on the way.

That’s because many platforms are already being built.

A Virtual Singapore 3D model — a digital twin of Singapore — is enabling citizens, researchers and businesses to find out specific details on the ground, such as the surface area and volume of a block of flats or the number of car parking lots available on the ground.

This means they can gain valuable insights without conducting costly and time-consuming surveys on the ground. They can then build apps that tap on these constantly changing scenarios in urban living.

The ultimate aim of all these efforts: A better quality of life in Singapore for everyone.