Beeline is an experimental demand-driven, shared micro-transit concept enabled by data analytics and mobile technology. Through the Beeline mobile app, commuters can pre-book more direct, private express bus services during peak periods. Beeline bus routes are adaptive; new routes are activated based on demand and existing routes may evolve over time.

Using the Beeline mobile app, commuters are able to book seats on the available bus routes in advance. Booking of seats offers predictability and assurance of a seat on the bus. The app comes with a tracking feature for passengers to track the bus on the day of the ride. Commuters can also suggest new routes on the app. The collated suggestions will allow bus operators to see where the areas with demand for new routes are. 

There are currently 11 Beeline routes run by bus operator partners. Since inception of Beeline, about 30,000+ route suggestions were received from the public; 36,000+ app downloads; sold more than 15,000+ tickets; improved the commuter experience of more than 900+ unique commuters. 

If you are a bus operator, a data scientist, a developer or someone who is really passionate about this concept and want to be engaged in this journey to improve commuter experience with data and technology, talk to us at