Beeline is an open, cloud-based smart mobility platform developed to provide data-driven shuttle bus services for commuters. Through Beeline, commuters are empowered to “crowd- start” and activate more direct, private express bus routes that cater to their travel needs, especially during peak periods. 

Beeline bus routes are adaptive. This means that new routes are activated based on commuters’ demand and existing routes may evolve over time. It enables private bus operators to provide shuttle bus services based on commuters’ demand, and use data analytics tools for fleet management and operations. 

Designed on an open API architecture, Beeline allows for private transport operators and tech startups to easily integrate with the platform and build their own “retail” applications to offer more convenient transportation options for citizens.

Using the Beeline mobile app, commuters are able to book seats on the available bus routes in advance. Commuters can also suggest new routes on the app. There are currently 9 private bus operators on Beeline, more than 150 drivers and 200 Beeline routes running. 

Crowd-starting is a concept that empowers the commuters, by allowing them to participate in the route designing process. Commuters are able to pre-order route passes on selected crowd-starter routes, while bus operators are able to respond quicker with new routes as they learn more about the demand of their passengers. The crowd-starter routes can be found on

If you are a bus operator, a data scientist, a developer or someone who is really passionate about this concept and want to be engaged in this journey to improve commuter experience with data and technology, talk to us at or visit