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Companies interested in participating in the CloudStore will need to submit their applications to GovTech for qualification via a Call for Participation process. Once a Service Offering has been qualified, it will be listed on the CloudStore for agencies to procure via quotations / tenders. Each CloudStore qualification is valid for 24 months.

The CloudStore will benefit the industry as it provides a channel for service providers to showcase their offerings to agencies. Agency procurement of these services will be simplified. The increased adoption of these services for government ICT needs will mean faster turnaround time and improve public service delivery.

Call For Participation

The first Call for Participation and second Call for Participation for CloudStore are closed.

GovTech is opening a third Call for Participation for CloudStore and invites companies with any Service Offerings to submit their application for Open Category qualification.

CFPCategoriesHosting EnvironmentStatus / Evaluation Window 
- Analytics
- Security 
- Testing 
Public Clouds and / or G-CloudClosed
CFP-2OpenG-Cloud onlyClosed
(New) CFP-3OpenOpenOpen / Contact for more information

CloudStore Qualified Service Offerings

Here is the list of companies whose products have been qualified on CloudStore.

Category : Open
Company NameService Offering / Hosting Environment
Global Sign.In Pte Ltd
GEVME Events Management System / G-Cloud

Category : Open
Company NameService Offering
Global Sign.In Pte Ltd
GEVME Web Builder

Ashnik Pte. Ltd.
EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL




Elastic Stack


SAS Institute Pte Ltd
SAS Customer Intelligence 360
SmsDome Pte. Ltd.
Solace Corporation
Solace hardware software Cloud IOT Messaging for Digital backbone

CloudStore Documents

Please download the respective Call for Participation documents for the instructions and the CloudStore application forms:

Contact Details

For any queries, please contact

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