As Singapore moves towards becoming a Smart Nation, GovTech is placing greater emphasis on encouraging the spirit of innovation within the government sector. Today, there are many innovative ideas and solutions developed by Research Institutes (RIs), Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), and commercial entities that are looking to solve real-world problems.

The InnoLeap programme brings together public sector agencies with challenging problem statements and RIs, IHLs, and commercial entities with innovative solutions. The aim is for all parties to build a deeper understanding of hurdles, solutions and cultivate opportunities for collaboration. Commercial entities will also be provided with potential business-to-business opportunities.

About the InnoLeap

The InnoLeap programme offers a series of platforms which serve as a catalyst for transforming problem statements into innovative solutions in a digital ecosystem. These highly interactive platforms raise awareness of technologies and facilitate the exchange of business needs and technology ideas between public sector agencies and solution providers. Through these, challenges and problem statements are identified for innovative solutioning and implementation.

  • Thematic Workshops
    Thematic workshops are conducted every two to three months based on themes identified from agencies' demand. In these workshops, participants from the agencies will meet companies with innovative products or solutions. Each participant must bring along problem statements relating to their area of work (be it a longer term issue, or immediate operational issue) for in-depth discussion with the technology companies and to explore potential collaboration & pilots.
  • Sharing Day
    Sharing days are organised to raise the level of awareness of emerging technologies amongst officers in public sector  agencies. Companies are invited to share their solutions and technologies related to a specific theme. Each company will be given a specific time period for presentation and demonstration of their solutions. At the end of the session, time will be allocated for consultation with the companies. Sharing days can be organised for different groups, ranging from a particular agency, to a group of agencies for a specific domain.
  • Clinics
    1-1 consultation clinics are conducted with agencies where GovTech work together to understand the problem statements and facilitate the link up with companies to explore potential collaboration and pilots.

Contact Details

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