The National Authentication Framework (NAF) seeks to realise the vision of the iN2015 masterplan for a secure and trusted enabling infocomm infrastructure that can facilitate the delivery of online services by the public and private sectors.

With the increased availability of online services offered by key sectors such as banking & finance, Government and healthcare, NAF can safeguard against unauthorised access to sensitive information available online, such as bank account details, securities trading account details or electronic health records. The NAF will be a timely nationwide strong authentication infrastructure that can provide consumers greater assurance when performing online transactions.

Strategic Objectives

The NAF aims to facilitate a nationwide common platform for strong authentication that will:

  1. Enable consumers to enjoy the convenience of using a single authentication device to access multiple online services that require strong authentication;

  2. Enable businesses to enjoy cost savings when they leverage on NAF instead of implementing their own strong authentication systems;

  3. Boost online trust and confidence, thus helping to entrench Singapore's status as a trusted infocomm hub; and

  4. Enhance protection against online identity theft for online services for both consumers and online business owners.

Assurity Trusted Solutions

Assurity Trusted Solutions Pte Ltd (Assurity), a wholly-owned subsidiary of GovTech, to be the National Authentication Framework (NAF) operator for 2nd Factor Authentication (2FA). Assurity will offer NAF 2FA services to Service Providers (SPs) and consumers at a national level. Assurity launched its 2FA services to Service Providers such as banks and security trading firms from 12 December 2011. ST Electronics (Info-Security) has been appointed to design, build, operate and maintain the NAF infrastructure for Assurity.

The management of Assurity reports to their Board of Directors which includes senior management staff from GovTech, public and private sectors. They will be responsible for charting corporate strategy, performing a supervisory function and ensuring that Assurity's operations comply with Board approved policies and are consistent with sound and prudent practices.

Contact Persons

Mr Koh Boon Huat
Senior Consultant
Tel: (65) 6211 1256

Mr Tong Lam Joen
Executive Consultant
Tel: (65) 6211 1181

Additional Information

For more information regarding Assurity, please visit this website: