About the NTP

NTP infographic

To improve Singapore’s competitiveness as the world’s leading trade, supply chain and trade financing hub, it was announced in Budget 2016 that the Singapore Government will develop a National Trade Platform (NTP). The NTP will support firms, particularly in the logistics and trade finance sectors, to improve supply chain visibility and efficiency.

The National Trade Platform (NTP) is a one-stop next-generation trade information management platform to support companies in the trade and logistics industry, as well as adjacent sectors such as trade finance. Once rolled out, the NTP will replace the current TradeNet and TradeXchange systems.

The NTP can help businesses improve productivity through digital exchange and re-use of data with their business partners and the Government. Businesses can streamline their work processes, reduce inefficiencies of manual trade document exchange, and tap on the potential of data analytics to draw insights from their trade data.

As the next-generation platform, the NTP is designed as an open innovation platform, which businesses and service providers can tap on to develop new applications to support evolving business needs.

Learn more about the NTP from the NTP Microsite.