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The Translational Research and Development for Application to Smart Nation (TRANS) Grant funds translational R&D and technology or process innovations in areas that are aligned to Singapore’s Smart Nation Programme. The proposed projects are evaluated based on impact, as well as support and participation of the end user government agencies.


Tech Kaki Community

We want to solve problems. In fact, we want to solve problems with you! At GovTech Singapore, we transform the delivery of Government digital services by taking an "outside-in" view, and put users first for our work.


National Trade Platform

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Whole of Government “Ask Jamie” Virtual Assistant

‘Ask Jamie’ is a virtual assistant (VA) that can be implemented on agency websites and trained to be able to answer queries within specific domains.


GovTech CloudStore

Companies interested in participating in the CloudStore will need to submit their applications to GovTech for qualification via a Call for Participation process. Once a Service Offering has been qualified, it will be listed on the CloudStore for agencies to procure via quotations / tenders. Each CloudStore qualification is valid for 24 months.

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Smart Nation Platform (SNP) - Industry Roundtable (IR)

GovTech drives a wide array of smart initiatives to improve the lives of citizens through better public service delivery and greater day-to-day convenience.


National Authentication Framework (NAF)

NAF can safeguard against unauthorised access to sensitive information available online, such as bank account details, securities trading account details or electronic health records. The NAF will be a timely nationwide strong authentication infrastructure that can provide consumers greater assurance when performing online transactions.



OneInbox is a platform where individuals can receive their government-related correspondences electronically, in place of hardcopy letters. OneInbox will make it easier for individuals to file and track their correspondences from a single aggregated platform.


Smart Nation Platform

In a Smart Nation, collection of data and the ability to make sense of information will contribute to forming solutions that can help improve lives. Smart Nation Platform will be one of the anchor initiatives that will enable everyone and everything, everywhere, to be connected all the time in Singapore.


Unique Entity Number

In order to switch to an one-number only system, the ACRA number that was issued to about 85% of entities was assigned as the UEN for businesses and local companies registered with ACRA.

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