eCitizen is a portal of all of the Singapore Government’s eServices, organised for the needs of the average citizen. The site removes the need for a user to know which government is responsible for a particular service, policy or programme by providing a cross-agency, citizen-centric approach to information and services.

Design Principles

eCitizen offers two ways to help a user find what he’s looking for. “Topics” provides information by grouping them into areas of interest such as “Sports & Recreation”, “Transports & Motoring” and “Health”. “eServices” is a complete directory of all eServices offered by the Government. Users can find an eService using a search bar, with search criteria such as agency or type of service.

eCitizen Ideas!

The Government organises crowdsourcing activities, such as apps development competitions, hackathons and campaigns, to gather ideas to improve or find solutions to issues that Singaporeans face.

To make it easy and convenient for the public to participate and share ideas, the Government has developed a one-stop portal called eCitizen Ideas! that features crowdsourcing activities organised by different government agencies.

Government agencies can independently run challenges, manage ideas and review web analytics, making it unnecessary for them to maintain their own individual crowdsourcing websites. Users on the other hand, will be able to submit, comment and vote on the best ideas, as well as share it on their social networks.