Singapore is embarking on a journey to build a Smart Nation, with the aim of harnessing technology and data to improve the lives of citizens.

The Smart Nation Fellowship Programme brings top applied researchers, data scientists, engineers, and technologists to collaborate with public agencies on delivering projects for the public good. 

We want you if you are passionate about: 

- building digital platforms that transforms ideas into tangible results
- collaborating with teams to take on public sector challenges
- engaging with senior decision makers across government on the intersection of technology and public policy. 



Our Fellows


  U-Zyn Chua 
Principal Consultant, Zynesis

“It is visionary of Singapore to announce the Smart Nation initiative and be one of world leaders to drive technology innovations for public good. I knew I had to apply for the Smart Nation Fellowship as this is an opportunity for me to contribute to the Smart Nation initiative. I am honoured to be selected for the inaugural batch of Fellows, and hope to leverage on blockchain technology to work on projects for public good.”

Key Contributions and Projects
U-Zyn spent six months working with GovTech’s emerging tech team to create ‘Smart Node’, an open ecosystem of service procurements backed by blockchain for smart homes and offices. Through the shared wallet, smart appliances are able to procure services on-demand and automatically whenever supply runs low. During his stint, U-Zyn collaborated with online concierge and delivery service, Honestbee, on this experiment.

As an open source software advocate, U-Zyn is delighted that GovTech is advocating the open source movement, which makes his work available to the wider tech community.

Blockchain engineer takes break from business for Smart Nation Fellowship (PDF)
两本地人加入智慧国专才计划 (Zao Bao)

   Arun Kishore
Product Analyst, YouTube

“Singapore is setting an example for the rest of the world with its Smart Nation initiative and bringing data-driven decision-making into government. As a member of the inaugural batch of Smart Nation Fellows, I am thrilled to be part of this vision. I see this as a unique opportunity to apply my data analysis skills towards helping the government make better decisions and solving problems that impact millions of Singaporeans.”

Key Contributions and Projects
Arun spent three months in Singapore, and worked with GovTech’s data scientists on enhancements to Singapore’s open data portal, Data.gov.sg https://data.gov.sg. Arun worked on building an exploration tool that allowed users to mash data from different datasets to create new insights.

Arun also worked on Beeline https://www.beeline.sg, an open smart mobility platform developed by GovTech to empower commuters to crowd-start and activate more direct, private express bus routes to suit their travel needs. Arun helped the Beeline team to build data pipelines to track the success of their acquisition strategy and ways to retain and engage commuters.

Singaporean returned to help Smart Nation Drive (Straits Times)
US-based S'porean puts Youtube data analyst job on hold, comes home to help build our Smart Nation (Vulcan Post)
Tech in Asia Ask Me Anything with Arun Kishore (Tech In Asia)
两本地人加入智慧国专才计划 (Zao Bao)


   Goh Siew Hong
Senior System Engineer, GovTech

“With this programme, there’s actually greater sense of satisfaction knowing that this research project has the potential to benefit the society”

Key Contributions and Projects
Siew Hong spent six months with our Sensors and IoT team to develop a standard communication framework to allow integration with healthcare robots, a first of its kind to accelerate robotics development for healthcare sector.  This includes standardisation of robotics sensors and intelligent packages which encourages code reusability.

The middleware will also standardise communication and integration between smart systems which translate to a standardised healthcare smart systems specification for all future systems acquisition.


  Chang Sau Sheong
Managing Director, Singapore Power

Key Contributions and Projects
Sau Sheong guided the Government Digital Services team working on the Whole-of-Government Application Analytics (WOGAA) project to identify potential performance bottlenecks, possible ways to optimise the application, and design/architecture for the storage & handling of data.

(WOGGA) is an application that helps provide a common set of metrics and measurements to enable public sector agencies to monitor the performance of websites and digital services in real-time.  This will in turn help improve public service delivery, set more effective web and mobile strategies and provide insights for policy making.



Applications are now open. Click here to apply.